Rules & Regulations

  1. Student must attend the classes regularly. If the student remains absent, parent’s or guardian’s note giving the reason of absence must be produced the following day.
  2. The student must be punctual. Student coming late may not be allowed to attend the particular lecture.
  3. Attendance in tests is compulsory. In the event of a student being unable to attend a test for reasons beyond his / her control, parents must intimate to the management in writing before the commencement of the test.
  4. The student must maintain discipline in the classrooms and the institute premises, failing which the student will be suspended /dismissed, without refund of fees.
  5. The student is not allowed to wait outside the coaching centers’ premises after or before the lectures / tests. Any student found waiting outside the premises will be punished severely.
  6. Eating on the stairs and in the corridors is not allowed.
  7. Snacks must be eaten in the lunch area. Students are not allowed to chew gum or consume eatables during class hours.
  8. Care should be taken to keep the coaching centers premises clean. Litter should be put into the bins provided for the purpose.
  9. Students who expect to return home late must inform their parents in advance.
  10. No student should leave the coaching center premises during class hours without the prior permission of the office staff. The observance of this rule is of vital importance to ensure the safety of the students.
  11. Students should be courteous to the teachers, office staff, parents, visitor and fellow students of the class.
  12. Books, water-bottles, tiffin boxes, pencil boxes and bags must bear the owner’s name. The coaching center is not responsible for articles lost by the student. Student should look after their own things and they or their parents / guardian cannot hold the coaching center responsible for any loss of books, money, clothes or any other articles. Articles found lying around are to be handed over to the office. The student may go to the office to claim their articles against proper description of the same. At the end of each term, unclaimed articles will be distributed to needy children.
  13. No books other than Textbooks, Exercise books and Study Material provided by the Coaching Center may be brought to class without the Centre Incharge sanction, and if found, they will be confiscated. The same holds good for other things like transistors, mobile phones, CDs, i-pod etc.
  14. Students must bring their parents / guardians signature, acknowledging receipt of circulars sent, within two days of sending the circular.
  15. Students must submit their homework regularly and in-time.
  16. The institution reserves the right to alter the time-table or any program.
  17. Allotment of batch and session (Morning / Afternoon) is solely at the discretion of the institution.
  18. The student is strictly prohibited from meddling with any electrical fittings or air conditioners at the Coaching Center. Any adjustment required should be brought to the notice of the concerned office authorities.
  19. The handbook is to be brought daily and presented whenever demanded. The handbook is valid for the current year only
  20. In case of loss or damage to the Handbook, a duplicate Handbook will be issued to the student at an extra charge. Violation of any of the above rules will attract the punishment of expulsion.
  21. Irregular attendance, repeated absence for a long period without genuine reason, habitual idleness, disobedience, immoral influence and reported misbehavior inside or outside the Institution’s premises, are reasons for expulsion of students without refund of fees.
  22. SMS for non-attending the classes will be sent to parents.

Refund Policy - Once Paid No Refund

The fee once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
  1. No refund of Admission cum Scholarship Test fee shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever.
  2. No refund of Registration Fee shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever. It is towards administrative expenses incurred by the company.
  3. No refund will be made under any circumstances after joining the Short Term Classroom Courses like Crash Courses / Short Term Courses / Compact Course.