Faculty panel

We strongly believe that the success is not the domain of only a few people, but every student has the potential to realize the dream of becoming a successful doctor or an engineer. At first towards successfully admitted in any good engineering or medical college, we make do our best to make it possible with our apt guidance; because of this effort, our students come up with flying colors by sustained hard work.

The continued success of our students is the result of their dedication, commitment and unique teaching methodology of our faculty. Our faculty also provides personal attention to each and every student in the batch. If any student scores below the average marks, the faculty counsels the student personally and mentors towards betterment. The performance and progress of every student are scrutinized thoroughly and meticulously.

Department Of Science

  • Faculty of Maths
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Chemistry

Taught by Expert Tutors

We have the best tutors with rich experience In teaching math, physics and chemistry. Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they've spent a lifetime acquiring. They are committed to teaching. With most classes smaller than 20-30 students, allowing for personal relationships to develop between students and faculty.

Department Of Mathematics

  • Faculty of Maths
  • Faculty of Quantitative Aptitute

Taught by Expert Tutors

Faculties are able to use applets and demonstrations that help in clarifying difficult concepts. Such methodologies can only be followed in online classrooms. Most of our faculty members are from premier instituting like IITs, NITs.

Department Of Life Science

  • Faculty of Personality Development
  • Faculty of Self Grooming

Taught by Expert Tutors

Former diplomats, public health officials, economists, scientists and experts in other professions share with students the full range of human endeavors to help them become future leaders. Our faculty members are also well versed in the Lakshya9 educational system, which is characterized by critical thinking, a respect for tradition and human reason, and an appreciation for life and all its endeavors.